Fast CEO Update - 01/19/2020

TL;DR: fastronauts, future fastronauts, a product designers wonderland

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We have three new non-product/engineering Fast team members (fastronauts) starting this coming week, with an office manager, a HR manager, and a Chief Communications Office (+ Government relations).

It’s really important for us to build an extremely strong and scalable operational base, to complement our solid engineering and infrastructure base. This will ensure we can support our growth, with fewer fires to put out as we are rapidly scaling Fast Checkout.

We also have another Product Designer joining the team on a contract basis from Monday for a few months.

Each of these Fast starters is phenomenal, very high caliber, coming from InMobi, Facebook, Apple, Google, Visa, DraftKings, CloverHealth and more.

Future Fastronauts

We have several last-stage interviews with some solid engineering candidates this week, across front-end and back-end.

Despite the need to grow our team, we are extremely selective with the candidates we interview, and then more so the candidates we actually hire.

Our engineers typically have a minimum of three years of experience at top-tier, later stage, high growth technology companies. They have experience working on products used by tens of millions, hundreds of millions or billions of users.

This is critical, as we use a cutting edge tech stack across our front-end, back-end, and infrastructure, to ensure our Fast Checkout product can scale to literally millions of purchases a minute, with < 100ms transaction times.

We still have some room for more front-end and backend engineers, ideally, with extensive React & Next.js experience on front-end, and Go on the back-end. If that’s you, reach out and come in to meet me and the team.

A product designers wonderland

Fast is a wonderland for incredible product designers, allowing those with a deep understanding of user behavior, who want to be unhinged in using design to push the boundaries of UX and unlock the future of e-commerce.

Over the next 12 months, Fast will power 1-click checkout for hundreds of millions of users, in dozens of countries, with varying languages and currencies.

That provides lots of UX challenges, we must pioneer and design a product that will enable a teenager in Mumbai or an adult in Marseille or a grandparent Michigan to each transact online easily, quickly and safely.

We have a small number of product design roles still available on our team, as well as the Head of Design role, if you want the opportunity and responsibility of working at this scale, feel free to reach out to me to discuss ASAP.

Something Else…

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Key open roles

  • Front-end engineer

  • Back-end engineer

  • Senior product designer