Fast Checkout Launch

TL;DR: Fast Checkout Launch, Fast Product Strategy, #fastronauts & all-hands

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Fast Checkout Launch

Very very soon we will be unveiling the first store in the world with Fast Checkout enabled.

In the lead-up, this coming week we are launching a completely new website at, and will be letting people pre-register for Fast Checkout.

Those who are pre-registered will be given the first access to use Fast Checkout, so make sure to follow on Twitter @domm or @fast this week for the website launch announcement.

Fast Product Strategy

Our first product Fast Login, is still growing each month and enabling tens of thousands of people around the world to quickly, easily and safely login without passwords.

As an example, on a single integrated e-commerce website, Fast Login now processes over 4,000 logins a month, enabling nearly $800,000 in purchases, and powers over 70% of all site logins.

What may surprise you is that all of the current live technology that powers Fast Login, and the website at was built by me, many months ago, before Fast hired a single dedicated engineer.

Our entire team has been focused on rebuilding the core Fast infrastructure, building our upcoming Fast Checkout product, and refreshing Fast Login.

We made this decision in order to invest in infrastructure that can support an order of magnitude more than incremental updates to the original platform I built.

This also means that at scale, we will continue to serve an incredibly large audience in milliseconds, not seconds.

What we’ve knowingly held back on is publicly accessible updates to our core Fast Login product for some months now, but this has been an easy trade-off as we prepare to launch the upcoming Fast Checkout to hundreds of millions of consumers, and beyond.

It’s easy for most startups or businesses to be trapped into short term thinking and action, especially if they are chasing the elusive product-market fit, or beholden to a small group of primary customers.

However, before we began building Fast Checkout we tested the market, pre-registering merchants with over $30M GMV in three days. As we prepare to launch Fast Checkout, we have been engaged by retailers, brands and e-commerce giants, representing over $100bn in annual revenues, many of whom are investing in Fast and will become early customers.

Given the clear opportunity and scale that Fast will serve from launch, it was critical to invest more heavily in our longer-term product and infrastructure.

Now, I am getting more excited every day as we come very close to sharing Fast Checkout with the world, it really is one of the most magical experiences on the internet and will set a standard for eCommerce.

Make sure to follow on Twitter @domm or @fast this week for the website launch announcement and the chance to pre-register to be one of the first-ever users of Fast Checkout.


This week was a big week for our team, we onboarded three new fantastic Fastronauts and are preparing for two more new Fastronauts starting this week:

  • Software Engineer - ex Lyft

  • HR Manager - ex Sight Machine & InMobi

I got some great candid feedback from one of our most recent new starters this week that they felt a little thrown in the deep end and lost when they first started, so I will be spending some extra time on onboarding and ensuring our new starters get well settled in from the start.

Our onboarding experience was already a focus for me, given the importance of team in our company, and hence why we had already placed an HR manager; but feedback like this means that I can really effectively prioritize my time and efforts to where it’s needed.

I will post in the coming weeks the refreshed and magical onboarding experience we are developing at Fast.


We had the very first Fast company-wide All-Hands this Friday, it was really great to have the opportunity to bring everyone together to tighten our feedback loops, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

We are a very transparent organization, internally and externally, so ensuring that information is flowing freely throughout is absolutely vital and is a big factor in driving our growth.

Something Else…

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Key open roles

  • Security engineer

  • Front-end engineer (Next.js & React experience important)

  • Site Reliability Engineer