Fast CEO Update - 12/23/2019

The thoughts and recap of the Fast CEO & Leadership


Swag Store

The first release of Fast Checkout will be through our upcoming Fast Swag Store. It’s exciting to see the product at this stage and nearing it’s first public testing. More details on that to come in the next update, stay tuned 😀


As we are gearing up for the first public release of Fast Checkout, we are majorly shifting our focus to distribution, amongst:

  • Retailers & DTC’c

  • Partners/Agencies

  • Platforms

In the past week, we have had several more inbound investment requests from retailers/brands, who obviously see the explosive potential in Fast Checkout and which to capitalize not just on the product but the investment opportunity too.

This is exactly the relationship we are looking for in our initial launch merchants and will be opening up a strategic investment round for retailers/brands soon, ahead of our next institutional round.

If you know any DTC’s or retailers that would love early access to Fast, to boost conversion rates with 1-click checkout, please refer them on:

Retails/Brands Submit Interest

Corporate Investors

We have met with a lot of potential investors, angels, family offices, seed funds through to hedge funds and strategic investors; most commonly of the strategic investors are Corporate Development teams.

It’s amazing to see the wide-ranging interest in Fast, given we sit at the intersection of authentication, identity, and payments.

However, what is absolutely top of mind for us, again, is distribution. We must determine which, if any, corporate partners will provide us large distribution, and tie that directly to investment.

Without large distribution, the value for us of investments from Corporates is low and could be detrimental. There are however several companies with aligned interests, with whom we will continue to engage in the coming weeks.


Hiring continues to be a big priority for us, and the holidays are great periods for self-reflection, and often cause job change in the new year, so we will continue to spend time recruiting throughout the holidays.

Engineering remains our number one priority, as we are still ramping up.

However, we also have a large number of non-engineering roles available throughout the organization.

We are in the very best time to join an early-stage company, we’re past the very small stage < 10 employees, we are about to move into a big & beautiful dedicated office, we have the core operations in place, and stock options will grow exponentially in value.

If you know a fantastic candidate that wants a change, please refer them to our job site below, and they are free to email me direct, I am always available to meet!


For a company at our stage, having a young team means that a lot of hires had travel commitments already booked, and of course, are prioritizing time with family over the holidays.

It means fewer people in the office and lower output for a week or two, which isn’t ideal in the early stage, but just a reality of business.

However, as a husband and a father, I know how important family is, and from all of us at Fast we sincerely wish all the Fast family (team and fans), a very Happy Holidays!

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